Sophie Ouellette-Howitz

Where to find my work



I’ve published two essays in SELF,  the first was about how lifting weights lets me forget my body's "flaws” and the second was about why I pay for the porn I watch (and think you should, too).

My essay “Femme Is More Than Enough” was published by INTO.

For Past Ten, I wrote a micro-essay about loneliness and how long it took me to realize I was a lesbian.

My essay "Study of Bones," won the Pigeon Pages Fledgling Prose Competition and was nominated for the 2018 Pushcart Prize and for consideration in the Best American Essays 2018.  


Articles and book reviews 

I regularly contribute to Rewire, taking on topics like how to support a partner struggling with depression, the science behind why attempts to exercise more often fail, why we crave certain foods during times of stress, and the real meaning of self-care. You can find everything I've written for Rewire here

I also review books for the Portland Mercury, including Genevieve Hudson's Pretend We Live Here and Steve Almond's Bad StoriesWhat the Hell Just Happened to Our Country. You can read my reviews for the Mercury here.

For HoneyColony, I've written articles on, among other things...

For the Underground Health Reporter, I've written hundreds (yes, seriously) of articles. Here's few of my favorite topics...

I've also written, prepared, and photographed a number of recipes, including this one for smokey, sweet, peppery plant-based bacon.


Content writing, ghostwriting, and editing

For the SS United States Conservancy, I created and edited a blog to broadcast firsthand accounts from individuals with deep connections to the SS United States, a historic ocean liner.

My web writing work also includes site copy, press releases, e-newsletters, and social media posts as well, samples available upon request. 

I have worked as ghostwritereditor, and research assistant on several book projects as well. Dan Buettner, two-time New York Times Bestselling author of The Blue Zones and Blue Zones of Happiness, called my most recent ghostwriting project "an IMPORTANT -- and user-friendly -- contribution to the growing body of literature showing that a move towards a plant-based diet is better for our body, soul, and planet." If you're curious, check it out here